Website Resource Code

Quickly find and view the source code (HTML, CSS and JS) of the specified URL by one click.

How to use this tool:

Step 1. Enter your requested URL.
Step 2. Press the "Find" Button.
Step 3. The Webpage resource code will display below the form.
Step 4. Copy the code and paste it where needs to be used.

About this tool:

The Website resource code tool is a simple online tool that does exactly what it says; It requests a webpage and returns the resouce code.

Viewing the source code on your ipad and mobile phone can be difficult. Therefore we created the Website Resource Code tool. With this tool you can easily view the page source online. All internet browsers are supported. This means you can use View Page Source in browsers as Safari (on your iPhone or iOS), Android smartphone, Chrome, Firefox and many others! Check source code online, type in the search bar the link and click on the button “View Source”.