URL Encoder / Decoder

Encode or Decode a URL to make them transmission-safe.

How to use this tool:

Step 1. Type or paste your URL/Link into your requested tool.
Step 2. Press the "Encode" Button.
Step 3. Your Encoded / Decoded URL will appear at the top of the tool.
Step 4. Copy your URL and paste it where needs to be used.

About this tool:

The URL Encoder tool allows you to encode or decode your URLs / Links to make them safe for transmission over the internet. URLs can be transferred over the internet only in the ASCII character-set. URL Encoder makes sure your URL is safe for transmission.

URL-encoding, also known as "percent-encoding", is a mechanism for encoding information in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Although it is known as URL-encoding it is, in fact, used more generally within the main Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) set, which includes both Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and Uniform Resource Name (URN). As such it is also used in the preparation of data of the "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" media type, as is often employed in the submission of HTML form data in HTTP requests.